Your membership in the Vermont Forest Products Association is important to the forest products industry. As a member of VFPA we can collectively seek ways to improve opportunities for our industry. The forest products industry is crucial to Vermont’s economy and identity. Your membership gives you a place to learn more about improving your business, voice your concerns and share with others in helping Vermont remain a rural state that is proud to include a vibrant forest products industry.

As a member of VFPA, you

  • Get recognized as a responsible member of one of Vermont’s most important industries
  • Support a representative voice in the Vermont Legislature and State Government
  • Receive VFPA’s electronic newsletter to keep you abreast of laws and regulations covering all aspects of the forest products industry
  • Receive a free subscription to “Northern Logger” Magazine
  • Participate in the VFF education and training workshops that promote safety, utilization and professionalism
  • Receive a free copy of the quarterly VFPA Newsletter
  • Be part of Coalition Building and working with partners

Business Type
Member Type Dues
Self Employed – Logger, Trucker,
Forester, Landowner
Individual $100
Logging, Trucking, Forestry Company Trio (up to 3) $240
Sawmills, Paper Mill’s
Bio-Mass, Value Added Mfg &
Wholesale Distribution
Supporting (up to 4)
Company (up to 6)
Corporate (up to 8)
Non Profit Association Associate Contact VFPA Office

Membership Type

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