Welcome to the Vermont Forest Products Association website. “The mission of the VFPA is to promote and defend the interests of our members.”


Our forests are vital to Vermont. The trees that grow among us provide habitat for wildlife, filter our water & air, and sequester carbon. They provide a forest economy that produces wood products vital in supporting our Vermont lifestyle. Whether it’s structural components in our buildings, beautifully crafted finishes, fuel to heat our homes, or paper products we use everyday, our local forest is absolutely essential. The forest is our greatest treasure, endeared in our state’s namesake.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those that sustain our forest economy: the landowners, the foresters, the loggers, the sawmill workers, and the craftspeople. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our family members. And they are the gears of the machine of this local forest economy that we value and cherish. They are who we need to keep this local forest economy. We are proud to present “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Vermont’s Working Landscape and Forest Economy”.

Thank you to our sponsors, including our title sponsor, The A. Johnson Co LLC for helping us spread this critical message.

The VFPA represents all aspects of the forestry community and the member businesses and individuals that are located throughout the State of Vermont and surrounding areas.

The VFPA meets its mission through:

  • Information and continuing education to its members
  • Public outreach and education
  • Working with other organizations through partnering and coalition building
  • Networking with others within the forest products industry
  • Lobbying state and federal government officials and lawmakers

The VFPA honors the traditions of the working forests of the past, strengthens the industry of today and helps shape the future of the forest products industry for generations to come.


  • Recognition
  • Information
  • Representation
  • Safety
  • Collective Voice
  • Coalition Building
  • Professionalism
  • Vibrant Rural Economy
  • Working Forests
  • Use Value Appraisal
  • Limited Government