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2013 Legislative Priority Issues
adopted at
the VFPA Annual Meeting February 21, 2013

1. Amendments to the Use Value Appraisal program-eligibility rules, processing of management plans, and penalties for withdrawal.

2. Guidelines managing Storm Water Runoff from logging jobs and log landings.

3. State policy for utilizing timber resources for Biomass projects.

4. Proposed statewide timber practices regulation.

5. Revision of Vermont’s Acceptable Management Practices (AMP) guide.

6. Educate the public and State Government about all aspects of timber taxation.
2013 Legislative Priorities

“Having a strong presence in Montpelier is critical to the survival of

the Forest Products Industry in Vermont.” This sentiment was stated

repeatedly at our Regional Roundups and other meetings this year.

It is essential to have someone in Montpelier monitoring the issues,

providing information to the membership, participating in discussions

concerning the industry, promoting the industry and defending it,

when necessary.

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